Author: Tracie Moore

Air Drilling Specialties

Located in Northeastern Utah, an area rich with petroleum and drilling activity, Air Drilling Specialties was established by Glen Karren in 1983 and later incorporated in 1994. Serving the Rocky Mountain Region longer than any other underbalanced drilling company, Air Drilling Specialties is an industry leader known for superior quality, safety, and service. With successful underbalanced drilling and pressure testing operations in Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona, Air Drilling Specialties has a level of experience that shines through in their quality of work. { Visit the site:

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Truly Versatile Deutsch Drahthaar Video

It was my pleasure to help my husband create this video to display the true versatility of the Deutsch Drahthaar hunting dogs that we love. This video is of a single Drahthaar doing what is expected of a versatile hunting dog, and loving it. This is our DD, Arko vom Moorehaus. { View the video site: } { View Arko’s page on the vom Moorehaus site...

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It’s My Initials

It’s My Initials offers a large selection of personalized monogrammed gifts that are perfect for every person and every occasion. Some of our items include baby accessories, handbags, purses, tote bags, make-up bags, luggage, and lots more! Our colors and styles are unlimited and we monogram just about everything. Visit the site:...

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