Author: Tracie Moore

The Cotton Pickin’ Fair

Return to 1910 where the Farmhouse, the Cotton Gin, and the Cotton Warehouse form a unique backdrop for a great day of 21st century fun. Amidst skilled artisans and antique specialists, the Fair shares remnants of farm life in days gone by. New talent keeps the festival fresh and interesting while returning artists welcome loyal customers seeking to add to individual collections. I’ve enjoyed maintaining the website that I built for Cotton Pickin’ Fair way back in 2006 but it was past time for a smart phone friendly site. Now they have it! How old is your site? Is...

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St. Nicholas Episcopal Church, Hamilton, GA

This was a redesign of a site that I didn’t build. It’s about 8 years old and chock full of good information but they’ll still need to determine what to keep and what to merge into less pages. Today’s websites need to have the mobile user in mind even more so than the desktop user. We need to deliver the information in less clicks and (sadly) less words. It’s GREAT to see a church website that actually gets used!...

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Harris County, GA Government website

I built the first site for our county in 2007-8 then converted it to WordPress in 2012. It was way past due for an overhaul to make it mobile friendly. Our County Manager has gone to great lengths to update each page and add pages where needed for each department. The site contains a listing of all county departments and the services they provide, jobs openings within Harris County government as well as Bid Requests. If you are new to the area, you will find useful links and information from our history to facts about our schools, population, taxes,...

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