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Branding precedes marketing.

Your brand should clearly identify the essence of your business, its characteristics and values. Marketing communicates the value of your product/service. Marketing is not optional.


The images must communicates a story, your story, at the first glance. Imagery is important in both Web and Print Design. Quality, creative, and fresh marketing materials make an impression.


Why? Because it’s content-driven, intuitive, and SEO friendly. Most importantly with a “responsive” theme your site will be built to perform well across all devices used to access the Web. More people now access the Web on mobile devices than on desktops.

Truly Versatile Deutsch Drahthaar Video

It was my pleasure to help my husband create this video to display the true versatility of the Deutsch Drahthaar hunting dogs that we love. This video is of a single Drahthaar doing what is expected of a versatile hunting dog, and loving it. This is our DD, Arko vom...

It’s My Initials

It's My Initials offers a large selection of personalized monogrammed gifts that are perfect for every person and every occasion. Some of our items include baby accessories, handbags, purses, tote bags, make-up bags, luggage, and lots more! Our colors and styles are...

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